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Swishing.co.uk – possibly the UK’s best clothes swapping website?…

Unlike other swap sites, with our unique ‘clothing bank’ & virtual money system, you get instant access to any item featured on the site.

No need to find someone to swap your items with, no haggling, no missing out on items you love, no waiting for weeks or months to swap or sell your item – if at all.

With our virtual money system, you can pick & choose anything you want from the site as soon as we receive your item(s). And if you don’t have enough (or any) virtual money credits, you can also buy!

Here at Swishing.co.uk, we do the hard work for you

You don’t need to write a full description of your item, just fill in our quick & easy upload form and include a photo if you have one - we’ll write a full product description for you and take additional photos if required. Still too much effort? – just hit the Quick Swap button and we’ll do the whole thing from scratch.

Swishing Boutique

Our Swishing Boutique features items specially sourced for you by the Swishing team. You can use your virtual money credits to part-pay for these items, bringing you a great range of designer, vintage and end of line items at a rock-bottom, bargain price!

Member Offers

We love a bargain here at Swishing.co.uk, and will be working hard to bring you regular special offers from a number of featured partners.

Other Benefits

  • Better product photographs (where time allows!) plus accurate & detailed descriptions
  • All items in stock, quality checked and ready for despatch
  • Fast & friendly customer service from a dedicated team that you can trust


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