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Verb – ‘to rustle, as silk’

Wikipedia – “swapping an item or items of clothing or shoes or an accessory with friends or acquaintances”

Swishing.co.uk – the UK’s best clothes swapping service!

A fashion phenomenon which hit the UK in the late noughties, Swishing is a fun and cost-effective way to refresh your wardrobe by swapping items you no longer wear for new-to-you ones you’ll love. Traditionally a clothes swapping party, Swishing has gone online, making 24/7 swishing heaven accessible to all...

Swishing.co.uk is an online swishing service, and the UK’s only clothes swapping website where you can instantly order any item showing on the site. Unlike other clothes swapping websites, you don’t have to hunt around for someone to swap your item with, or end up waiting months to swap your item ...if at all.

With Swishing.co.uk you get virtual money credits for the items you send us, credits you can immediately use to order any item on the site - no waiting, no haggling, no missing out on those items you love … all items on Swishing.co.uk are already in stock and quality checked, just waiting to be sent to you!

And if you don't want to swap, or don’t have enough credits, you can also buy (or part-buy) any item, even if you’re not a member! – see how swishing works.

So don’t swap, buy or sell elsewhere – just swish! To register and start swishing / clothes swapping click here, or go to browse clothes to browse and buy…


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