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Ready to start earning credits? :-)

To start uploading and sending items, you need to be logged in – if you haven’t already, please log in or register, then use the Upload an Item link to access our Upload form.

Our upload form is quick & easy to use, taking approximately 1 minute to complete.

NB. Please attach a photo of the item, as this will help us rate it. For advice on taking a great pic, or if you have trouble attaching images, please click Photo Guide.

NB. Please ensure that all items meet our Swapping Guidelines before uploading.

Once we have received your upload, we will send you a Virtual Money offer within 1-2 working days, which you can use to help you decide whether to send your item. You can check your Virtual Money Offers in My Account > View Your Uploads.



If you don't want (or aren't able) to upload, you can use our Quick Swap system. For guidance on Quick Swapping versus uploading (and access to the Quick Swap form) please go to the ‘Upload or Quick Swap?’ link.

NB. Please note you will receive a lower offer for items submitted by Quick Swap, between 50-60% versus 80% for uploads ....


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