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About Us & Corporate



Here at Swishing.co.uk, we're on a mission to give new or good as new but unwanted clothes a new loving home, thereby helping to reduce the vast quantities of clothing (currently 900,000 tonnes) that end up in landfill every year.


Looking for a cheap & effective way to overhaul your wardrobe? Swishing.co.uk is an online clothes swapping site where you get virtual money credits for the items you send in, credits which you then use to order other items on the site. Unlike other similar sites, our unique 'clothing bank' and virtual money system means you get instant access to anything you see - no waiting, no haggling, no missing out on items you love (and if you don't have any (or enough) swishing credits, you can also buy!). All items on Swishing.co.uk are in stock and quality checked, just waiting to be sent to you ... your wardrobe will have a whole new look before you know it!

*NEW SWISHING BOUTIQUE NOW LAUNCHED! - Browse through an exciting range of designer, vintage, ethically-sourced and end of line items, and use your swishing credits to part-pay for them!


“It is a genius, genius idea!” - GMTV
“Swishing is the buzz word in fashion” - Mail
“Swishing is taking the UK by storm” - Glam
“Welcome to the future of fashion” - Marie Claire

As seen on TV...


As seen on Channel 4's "Superscrimpers"
Series 3, Episode 3, August 2012

2012 Digital Entrepreneur Awards...

Digital Entrepreneur Awards WINNER - Green Business Category 2012

Green Business of the Year!
Click here to watch events video - go to 2.02 on the timeline to fast-track to the awards presentation...




To contact Swishing.co.uk you can email us at info@swishing.co.uk or write to us at Swishing Limited, Unit 13, Market Walk, Northampton NN1 2DP.

Swishing.co.uk is owned by Swishing Limited, a registered company:
Registered Co. Name: Swishing Limited
Registered Co. No. 07277329
Registered in England & Wales
Registered Office Address: 2 Fermoy Court, Little Brington, Northampton NN7 4JP, UK
VAT Registered No: 201 6185 49


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